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22 August 2019

Electrify America unveils robotic EV charging

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com

Electrify America has joined forces with Stable Auto to deploy a robotic charging solution for self-driving electric vehicles (EVs) at a demonstration site in San Francisco.

The partners are hoping to charge autonomous EVs without human intervention using a robotic solution attached to a 150kW DC fast charger. The site is expected to open in early 2020.

Electrify America will evaluate the hardware, network, operations and billing of its charging systems to best suit autonomous charging fleets. It has provided two 150kW DC fast chargers to Stable's charging facility.

Stable - an EV fleet charging company - will pair its robotic technology and advanced scheduling software with the chargers. The company’s robot will automate the connection between the vehicle and the charger.

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